Ways to Stay Out of a Truck’s Blind Spots

Driving alongside a truck is nothing new for most drivers and will be an everyday occurrence on the majority of roads. However, many drivers simply assume that a truck can see the vehicles around them due to the height of the driver cabin, and do not realise that large trucks have blind spots. For trucks without an HGV reversing camera, there are a number of blind spots which many drivers do not know the location of which can lead to dangerous accidents. Here is a selection of ways to stay out of a truck’s blind spot:

  • Know where the blind spots are – Understanding the location of the blind spots will help a driver to avoid them. A large truck usually has blind spots directly in front and behind them, as well as by the passenger door.
  • Keep enough distance – When behind a truck, a vehicle should not follow it too closely as the truck driver may not be able to see it and there will not be enough distance to stop. There should be around 20 car lengths or more between the vehicle and truck. When pulling in front of a truck, a driver should allow plenty of space again as the truck driver may be unable to see the vehicle in front.
  • Overtake properly – A vehicle should always overtake a truck from the correct side. If a vehicle undertakes from the passenger side of the truck, the truck driver will be unable to see them.

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