Using Brand Journalism Effectively

Instead of trying to get the attention of journalists and reporters from the media to increase awareness, businesses are turning to brand journalism which they can do themselves. Brand journalism is the act of creating your own content in a journalistic style, rather than waiting for the media to do it. This can be done in a number of ways, from a full news-style website with coverage of the business, to an article or blog post written in the style of the news. Working with the media can be time consuming and often ineffective, however with brand journalism every event can be covered which can be shared online, as well as potentially by the media too.

  • Be bold with the content you use. Use a PR company for advice and ideas on how to make your brand journalism unique and interesting to appeal to your audience. They will also be able to recommend techniques for the right type of content to create and where to share it to gain positive and effective attention.
  • Only publish information that is honest and verifiable.
  • Try to add in other information about the industry and topics related to your business. An audience does not only want to read about your company, so make it more appealing by adding other valuable information.
  • Seek out opportunities to share your content to a wider audience, for example on guest blogs, by media outlets or with influencers.


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