The Joys Of Payroll (Or the Lack Thereof)

At this point and after reading the above you may be thinking: really? Me, I’d agree with you. For me the only joy involved in payroll is finally completing the task! I find it annoying, tedious, and completely enveloping of my (already low) concentration levels, lest I make a crucial mistake. And I don’t want to do that, not to any member of the wonderful team I have working for me.

Bookkeeping has never been my strong suit, actually, I admit, any form of admin has never been my strong suit. My eyes glaze over, I suddenly need a snack, or a drink, or a cat video. I turn my mind to absolutely anything but the task at hand and suddenly turn into a dehydrated philosopher who needs a hug. Rather like my kids at bedtime.

Suffice to say, computers are not my friends. Apart from that one time recently wherein I discovered the true joy of payroll: paying someone else to do it. A quick google search for bookkeeper Medway turned up a lifeline, a professional to do the task for me, and one million other small and annoying tasks to boot!

Now, my lovely and professional bookkeeper makes sure that my lovely and professional staff are paid correctly and on time. While I am now free to cat video and philosophise all I need/want… er…after running by business of course. My bookkeeper even pays himself – how nifty is that!

The true joy of payroll lies in delegating it to others – try it, you’ll see!



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