Creating a Classic Autumn Theme for Your Wedding

Autumn is the favourite season for many people in the UK, and it’s no surprise as this is the season of colourful fallen leaves and cosy nights in by the fire. With conkers on the ground, pumpkins around and a chill to the air, autumn is a magical season. In fact, autumn is so magical that many brides and grooms choose to not only set their wedding date during these months, but to theme the whole wedding around the season.

An autumn themed wedding is classic, warm and inspiring.

Colour Themes

Autumn is known as the season of colour – with warm reds and yellows of the fallen leaves, browns of the conkers and oranges of the pumpkins. Use these colours as your main colour theme of the wedding, and add in some bronze or gold to compliment these shades.


Although the nights are darker and there is more of a chill to the air, outdoor weddings are perfect during autumn. Think of an outdoor wedding venue Lewes overlooking the downs, or a forest setting.


There are lots of colours to choose from for your bridesmaids’ dresses, from neutral cream or gold to deep purple or burnt oranges.


An autumn bouquet full of beautiful red, orange and yellow flowers, leaves, fruits and berries are easy to create and completely unique. A beautiful, rustic woodland bouquet can be created with items such as dahlias and roses, acorns, oak leaves, rosehips and blackberries.

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