5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Drains

Drains can easily get blocked with food, soap, hair and other particles that breed bacteria. Instead of buying expensive drain cleaners that don’t always work, this easy way to flush out your pipes is efficient, quick and inexpensive. It is recommended that kitchen and bathroom sinks should be cleaned once a month to prevent blockages and build up of bacteria, especially those in hard water areas such as kitchens Brighton. Ignoring your drains can cause odours and blockages that may require expensive plumbing repairs and replacement. This quick technique is easy, cheap and will unclog even the most stubborn blockages so that your water can run freely and the sink area is odour free. Follow these 5 easy steps to clean your drains:

  • Begin by placing a cup of white vinegar in the microwave for 2 minutes. As well as warming the vinegar, the steam will also clean the microwave, so just give it a wipe down afterwards for sparkles.
  • Next get a cup full of baking soda and pour over the drain cover and down the drain.
  • Remove the vinegar from the microwave and pour it down the drain.
  • Leave the products in the drain for 5 minutes so they can kill bacteria and break down particles to clean.
  • Finish by turning on your tap for 30 seconds to let the water wash away the dirt and ingredients. The water should now run smoothly and your sink should be odour free and clean.

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